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rockie price media - social media for moms

You know all those annoying, seemingly simple things on social media that keep you from actually using social media? Yeah, that’s what I do. I help you get past those speed bumps & accelerate your business because of it.  

Social Media Solutions - For Moms.

Everything you need to dive into the world of reels and all the benefits they can bring! 

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I'm a social media consultant who is on a mission to help moms bridge the gap between their awesome products or services + their eager audience through the power of social media. I'm passionate about authenticity and community, and I believe that everyone has a story to tell. 

I'm excited to help you share your story with the world!

I'm Rockie, a 30-year-old wife and momma of 3. I'm a poet, a list-maker, and a travel bug. I met my husband on Bumble, and he's my best friend and forever travel partner. I'm a believer in Jesus and love talking about the life of Jesus & scripture. I'm also a social media consultant who helps other women start their own businesses. I love encouraging authenticity & community, and I'm excited to share my journey with you!

Hi, I'm Rockie!

Megan Acosta - Manual Mode for Moms Course Owner & Instructor

She is a knowledgeable, creative, enthusiastic, and efficient social media manager. Her engagement strategies have helped finally move the needle in my business and I really appreciate how much effort she puts into understanding what your specific needs are! She's truly a gem. Please contact her if you are feeling overwhelmed by your socials and concerned about what you need to do to grow! You won’t regret it.

Rockie has completely turned my instagram game around!

Lauren Lee - Marketing Expert & Digital Storyteller

Rockie is a skilled social media marketer that possesses not only the skill set for it, but the enthusiasm. Rockie constantly monitors what’s trending on social media to be able to provide content that is both engaging and high performing. We continue to use Rockie’s techniques even today in our social media marketing. If you’re looking to grow your social media presence, I’d highly recommend considering adding Rockie to your team.

Highly recommend Rockie for your team

Kelly Collins - NYC Lifestyle Blogger

I had the pleasure of speaking with Rockie for a 30min consulting call, and feel like I learned more in that session than any of my own internet exploration. She took the time to get to know me and what kind of content I am looking to share more of. She instantly understood where I was coming from and what niche I am looking to serve. She provided some unique best practices for starting a new UGC page for profit, as well as some personal notes on how to get out of my own head to pursue this kind of a social profile. 

Her kindness and knowledge is perfect for a new creator or someone who is established looking for a refocus.

Chatham Carbonell - Owner/Operator of Down Home Events Co

I was hitting a wall; I was mentally and emotionally drained from mom-life and felt like my creativity had dwindled, leaving little to no energy left to pour into my business’s social media strategy. Rockie helped me over the hump by meeting me where I was at; she asked genuine questions to get my wheels turning again, cultivated evergreen content ideas and brought them to life via a 5-minute filming session - she did all of this while making me smile, feel rejuvenated and confident behind the camera. Basically, she’s a rock star! 

Rockie was such a God-send when it came to brainstorming content ideas and filming content for my business!

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I'm glad you're here.
You keep showing up, and I'll be here to help.

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